For other subjects which include mathematics and/or statistics (such as computing, economics, physics and science), you are advised to check which module(s) are included, and the order in which to study your modules, in that particular qualification at Open University's qualifications.
If you wish to pursue a broader qualification, you might be interested in one of the University's open qualifications.
If the qualification you wish to take includes MST124, but not MU123, then you should ensure that you have the appropriate mathematical background by trying the Are you ready? quiz for MST124  and following the advice about preparing for MST124.
If you have a choice between starting with Discovering mathematics (MU123) or Essential mathematics 1 (MST124) then the advice given in the other sections of this MathsChoices website applies.
If, having browsed through this MathsChoices website and attempted at least one Are you ready? quiz, you wish to discuss your study plans please contact Student Recruitment who, if necessary, will pass you on to an educational adviser.