There are assignments throughout the module for students to complete by dates specified on the study schedule. There are two types of assignments: written assignments (in the form of four tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) and an end-of-module assignment (EMA)) and interactive computer-marked assignments (iCMAs), which are detailed below, with samples based on the extract.
In most cases an iCMA consists of about 24 questions, which are accessed and submitted for grading online. Students can view a worked solution, as well as their grade for each question.
Each TMA and the EMA consists of about half a dozen questions, and students send written solutions for each TMA to their own tutor for grading. A tutor is likely to write plenty of comments on a TMA before it is returned, as TMAs are used as a way of providing individualised teaching and encouragement to students. The end-of-module assignment is based on the whole module, and takes the place of an examination.

In order to pass MU123, you need to achieve an average of 40% or more on all of the assignments.