MU123 quiz answers
If you managed to get mostly correct answers, or at least the method of solution given in the answer makes sense to you, then you should consider signing-up for Discovering mathematics (MU123). However you might also like to look at the MST124 quiz.
If you decide to enrol on Discovering mathematics (MU123) then Maths Help will be a useful resource to brush up your mathematics.
If you found this quiz quite challenging then you might be able to do MU123 after some further preparation, such as successfully working through all the modules of Maths Help.
For further reading you might consider a book such as Teach yourself basic maths, by Alan Graham, and published by Hodder and Stoughton (ISBN–10: 0071429735; ISBN–13: 978-0071429733).
If the MU123 quizzes seem too advanced, then you might consider first studying one of our free OpenLearn courses:

If you have attempted the MU123 quiz (with a note of how well you did, and how long it took you to complete) and would like to discuss if you are ready for MU123, please contact Student Recruitment who, if necessary, will pass you on to an educational adviser.

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