Discovering mathematics (MU123) will assume that you can answer most of the questions in these quizzes correctly before you begin the module. There are two quizzes, and you may wish to attempt both:

In each quiz you should try to answer every question, and you can do the questions in any order. Use pen and paper for your working.
You may need up to an hour to complete the quiz. If it takes you substantially longer you may have the mathematical potential but the pace of MU123 may be too demanding, so you should seek further advice.
To help you revise existing skills for these quizzes and in preparation for MU123 it is recommended that you work through Maths Help. There is a Maths Help module to help you to refresh your knowledge of each of the following topics:

  • Numbers, units and arithmetic
  • Rounding and estimation
  • Ratio, proportion and percentages
  • Squares, roots and powers
  • Diagrams, charts and graphs
  • Language, notation and formulas
  • Geometry

You could also ensure that you are familiar with how your scientific calculator works.

Are you ready quizzes