Essential mathematics 1 (MST124) will assume that you can answer most of the questions in these quizzes correctly before you begin the module.  There are two quizzes:

In each quiz you should try to answer every question, and you can do the questions in any order. Use pen and paper for your working.
You may need up to an hour to complete the quiz. If it takes you substantially longer you may have the mathematical potential but the pace of MST124 may be too demanding, so you should consider doing MU123 instead.
If you wish to do some preparatory study beforehand then try working through a GCSE Higher Level mathematics, or equivalent, text book, which may be available online or in a local library. If you have difficulties with algebra, you should consider signing-up for Discovering mathematics (MU123).
You could also help yourself by using a book or website to familiarise yourself with the first core module (that is the first pure maths module, also known as C1) of AS level in mathematics, or equivalent. This will contain some topics which you are not expected to have studied before you start MST124 but, if you can do some work on those as well, it may help you to get a head start with your MST124 studies. [Note that the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level is used in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, similar content to the AS module above is found in Mathematics Higher, particularly Unit 1.]
You may also like to look at the sections of the following external websites which relate to the topics in the MST124 quiz, such as algebra and trigonometry:

You could also ensure that you are thoroughly familiar with how your scientific calculator works.
Once you’ve signed-up, there will be some material available to help you brush up on your existing skills. However, if you are unlikely to have time to do preparatory work before starting your module, you should consider doing MU123 first.
If you have attempted the MST124 quiz (with a note of how well you did, and how long it took you to complete) and would like to discuss if you are ready for MST124, please contact Student Recruitment who, if necessary, will pass you on to an educational adviser.

Are you ready quizzes