These quizzes will help you decide whether you are ready for Discovering mathematics (MU123), or for Essential mathematics (MST124). Each quiz covers the knowledge it is assumed you already have for successful study on either MU123 or MST124. Information about the required mathematical background for each of these modules is given in Your options.
In order to do each quiz:

  • set aside up to an hour;
  • ensure that you have a pen and paper;
  • have a calculator to hand
    - a basic calculator for MU123
    - a scientific calculator for MST124

Each time you attempt a quiz, keep a note of how well you do and how long it takes you to complete. This information will be helpful if you need to talk to an educational adviser about your study plans.
Each quiz will also tell you how to brush up your knowledge if you’ve just forgotten about one or two topics, or if you wish to boost your confidence before you start the module.
Use the links on the right to access the quizzes.

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